EESC Opinion on Ecodesign Working Plan

The Green Economy Foundation’s Cillian Lohan is currently working as Rapporteur on the European Economic and Social Committee Opinion on Ecodesign Working Plan 2016 – 2019.

The Ecodesign Working Plan is a part of the Commission’s programme Clean energy for all Europeans. The Working Plan 2016-2019 is an important part ot the Circular Economy package, published in December 2015.

Cillian Lohan says of the Ecodesign Working Plan: “The design of a product is important for its durability, reparability, and recyclability.  It is critical that the scope of the Commission’s Ecodesign work is broad enough to drive innovation in business that will in turn support the development of a strong secondary raw materials market. Clean, valuable, accessible secondary raw materials are critical for the transition to circularity to be achieved.”.

With the measures for the new products in the Working Plan and the revision of existing measures, the Commission states that an additional 600 TWH primary energy savings could be made by 2030. This corresponds to the yearly energy consumption of Sweden.

The Ecodesign Working Plan sets out an indicative list of product groups that are considered as priorities for the adoption of implementing measures.  New products that will be considered are: building automation and control systems, electric kettles, hand dryers, lifts, solar panels and inverters, refrigerated containers, and high pressure cleaners.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, who are at the centre of the mission to accelarate the transition to a circular economy, published this excellent document which explains much about the concept of designing for a circular economy.  Click HERE to read it.