Work Day at Manch

We ran a productive volunteer work day at Manch earlier in March, clearing up after the snow and planting a few new apple trees. Many thanks to everyone who joined us and to Nikki for organising it all.

We planted ten Irish apple trees supplied by Future Forests (, the first new trees in the walled garden for several decades.  Hopefully they will grow on well and, in time, replace some of the magnificent but ageing apple trees there that won’t go on forever.

It’s a great time of year for assessing both the garden and the woodlands when all of the greenery has died back over the winter and the snow has flattened things down a bit.  It is easy to see the progress of young trees and assess their condition and form, especially in areas that become quickly overgrown during the spring and summer.

There is evidence of spring after all the cold weather with brave daffodils starting to show their faces.  The hazel and alder is in flower and the blackthorn flowers are coming.

We’ll be running another work day soon – details to follow on the website.

Daffodils at Manch – photograph by Nikki Keeling