Policy Overview

The Green Economy Foundation makes contributions to National and European policy in a number of different areas: agriculture, forestry, biodiversity, natural capital, sustainability, resource efficiency, the circular economy and many others.

We work to achieve policy change through submissions on public consultations, through questioning existing policies and strategies and through collabouration with other groups.

  • The Green Economy Foundation is a member of the Irish Environmental Network in Ireland. The IEN consists of 34 environmental NGOs that carry out practical conservation work, campaigning, lobbying and raising public awareness of environmental and conservation needs.
  • The Green Economy Foundation is a member of the Environmental Pillar in Ireland which works to achieve policy change and put the principles of sustainable development at the heart of policy.
  • Our CEO, Cillian Lohan, is a member of the Economic and Social Committee in Brussels and is currently working on the Circular Economy Package there.

Our aim with policy work is to “join the dots”, to make connections between sometimes contradictory and unconnected policy strategies. We seek out productive ways of addressing the massive challenges of climate change and the need to manage our resources efficiently whilst moving away from a fossil-fuel based energy system.

For more detail on our policy work to date please click HERE.