The Green Economy Foundation is an environmental non-government organisation based at The Manch Estate in Co. Cork, Ireland.  We work to promote the development of a Green Economy – where sustainable and resource-efficient business models will out-perform and ultimately replace those dependent on profit alone.

Founded in 2002 as the ‘Irish Natural Forestry Foundation’, we work to advocate economically, socially and environmentally sustainable forestry in Ireland.  Over the years our work has diversified into the areas of biodiversity, climate change, sustainable agriculture and resource efficiency.

Now re-named the Green Economy Foundation our aim is to support the development of a Green Economy in Ireland and beyond.

Our three departments – Education, Policy and Projects – work together to research, demonstrate and encourage sustainable practice for a cleaner, more efficient and equitable economy for all.

The Green Economy Foundation is funded through a variety of sources including the Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment, the Irish Environmental Network (IEN), The Forest Service, Local Authorities through Local Authority 21 (LA21) grants, membership fees and donations.


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