The Tobago Projects

When our Chair, Ian Wright, came into the office one day and explained his plans to start a project in Tobago we couldn’t have imagined what it would blossom in to.

Ian and his wife Lynn form an unstoppable team; they have carved out a corner of Tobago that has become a sanctuary for local wildlife. It should be a sanctuary for them too, but it is a hive of activity, not only in the forest below but also on their newly constructed balcony.  If you are not distracted by the dogs chasing each other in circles and rocking the wooden building with their antics, you might be taken by the call of a potoo, the feeding hummingbirds or an invitation to join the prime minister elect who has popped by for tea.

Stories of building a lake in the middle of a rainforest or welcoming trucks of schoolchildren through the recently hand cut pathways are regularly signed off with “another restful day in paradise”.

We look forward to sharing more of these stories with you as the Tobago project develops.  For now there is fledgling web presence.